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The World of Tomorrow

Just a quick update to my last entry (May 3rd): today's Independent leads with a story about Google's intent on total world domination.

Of course, it's all about making our lives easier. Quote:

'The company's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, said during a visit to Britain this week: "The goal is to enable Google users to be able to ask the question such as 'What shall I do tomorrow?' and 'What job shall I take?'." '

Google has some interesting ideas of how to go about it:

'Google's declaration of intent was publicised at the same time it emerged that the company had also invested £2m in a human genetics firm called 23andMe.'

I just had to go and Google that (erm). 23andMe was founded by a couple of young biology bachelors and an internet interpreneur with an interest in personalized medicine, which—as I have frequently argued in my other blog—I regard as essential, both for appropriate treatment and preventative medicine in the future. Hell, it's essential for medical progress right now!

Besides, the company sounds sweet. I'm considering applying for a job there: the perks even include honey roasted peanuts :)

Then again, perhaps not:

'...The combination of genetic and internet profiling could prove a powerful tool in the battle for the greater understanding of the behaviour of an online service user.'

Chilling, eh?

Discussions about what it really means to live in an total information society are flaring up everywhere on the internet, as people are waking up and smell the coffee.

Charles Stross' concept of 'total history' can be found here. I haven't digested the article and comments fully yet, but I'll be coming back to it.

One case in point he makes with regard to right here, right now (and re-iterating what many have already said, usually in conjunction with CCTV, which is merely the icing on the cake):

'One of the biggest risks we face is that of sleep-walking into a police state, simply by mistaking the ability to monitor everyone for even minute legal infractions for the imperative to do so.'


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